Department of Homeland Security

UPSA: A Portable Electronic Device Used for Username Password Secure Automation

Manufacture a portable electronic device utilizing finger vein biometrics which would store usernames, passwords, and the associated domain address.

The device would connect to the desktop or laptop as a peripheral- either wirelessly or usb/firewire.


When the device is connected to your computer, and finger activated it would automatically populate the username/password fields upon navigating to a given website.


The device communication link would be encrypted with the highest security protocols.


In my vision the device has a touchscreen or small keyboard, not much bigger than a cellphone, enabling portability.


The keyboard or touch screen would be utilized to input username/password and the associated domain names only- it would not be used for anything else.


This device would enhance, to a great degree, our national security by preventing the compromise of username passwords.

UPSA would simplify the sometimes very frustrating process of logging into computers.

UPSA would enhance the efficiency of a government employee by increasing the speed of operations.

UPSA has a tangible impact on our citizens because of increased security, and would also transfer over to the private sector, increasing national efficiency.

Implementation would be phased in after thorough testing.

Saving to the government would be realized immediately by increasing security, work output, and increased morale.

Thank you.



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