Executive Office of the President

United States Department of Communications

I suggest a:

United States Department of Communications

This would be a New Cabinet Office!

The department will be organized with four principal bodies

1) Department Head Quarters

2) Military Affairs

3) Federal Sector Affairs

4) Public Sector Affairs

The key governing board would meet each month with selected businesses (i.e. IBM, HP, Microsoft etc) that would address current and future trends in business so the U.S. and the those countries tied to the U.S. will be prepared for changes!

The USDC would have these major points

1) They control all forms of communications (Radio, TV, Satellite, Telephone, Computers and Postal Mail etc)

2) All employees’ current and future that have the Government Schedule (GS) disciplines listed above would be transferred to the USDC payroll.

3) They control all forms of records, media and encryption

4) Communications compatibility standards and interoperability mandates


Defining scope of charter

All open and classified communications will be analyzed and readily available to those cleared for dissemination. This concept will bring military, law enforcement and others to timely share mission critical information in support of national interest under direct control of the President of the United States.

Federal agencies (Military and non-military) must contract from the USDC all technical support employees and technologies. This gives flexibility to government departments and agencies to reorganize or replacements. It also gives employees flexibility to quickly change agencies or locations, with only relocation pay issues. It stabilizes skill standards and prevents poor hiring, promotion and assignment practices.

Training of uniformed (Military schooling and courses) and non-uniformed employees and skill standards will be established.

All technology and contracts used within or for the United States is owned and operated by the UDOC. Farad, waste and abuse will be reduced by having one department responsible for finding, buying maintaining and disposing of technology systems, media and data collected and archives.


Note: by unifying under the USDC the saving to the American people will be in the millions every year. The additional saving from having clear leadership will be seen around the globe from effective standards. Operational cost will be cut and better service to the United states.



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