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Department of Health and Human Services

Universal health care system for federal employees.

Create a universal health care system for federal employees. The government can stop paying private health insurance companies the contributions on behalf of the employee. The employee would still have coverage options by letting them pay a certain amount depending upon what options the employee selects, i.e. basic coverage, high coverage, dental, vison, etc. Multiply the number of federal employees by the amount contributed to private health insurance companies now. The government can contribute half as much as the current average contributions to a fund to run and pay for the new system. Give yearly bonus pay for employees that do not utilize the new system, which saves the government money in the long run due to not having to contribute on their behalf. Example: Jane Doe federal employee has a family plan with Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the government contributes on her family plan approximately $8000.00 a year, if the amount was to be cut in half and put into a solitary fund to pay for the new health care system, the government would save how much money over time?



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