Department of the Interior

Update Federal Recruiting/Training Practices

Update federal recruiting practices so that agencies can hire better qualified individuals for positions at all levels. This would enable increased efficiency, better workflow and workforce management and improved return on investment from training employees. Updated recruiting practices would require 1) amending the Qualification Handbook (as suggested by Idea# 15774) or weighing candidates a bit heavier based upon their career/work experience in addition to academia, 2) providing basic customer service training during orientation/probationary period (e.g.,1st three months of work) so that federal employees have a strong sense of service and ownership to internal and external customers (promotes work efficiency - "can do attitude, and removes obstacles so that everyone can do their job [with less labor expense]", 3) promoting staff retention by mentoring, cross-training skills, focusing on accountability, organizational values and pride. Many of us in the public sector are experiencing a paradigm shift, in that we cannot solely rely upon federal base funds to pay our salaries. We need to market and sell our services/products to the other funding sources just like private sector companies. To do so, we need to operate in a much leaner, smarter and competitive manner. I believe that it all starts with solid recruiting practices (good people), training staff to serve each other and our clients and keeping those folks as our competitive edge.



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