Department of Education

Virtual Books for Public Schools

I suggest you purchase virtual books and writing pad tools for students in public schools. Currently, the average textbook costs around $100, if you multiply that book times the number of students, and each class they take during their elementary and secondary education, then the numbers can be quite extraordinary. If virtual books could be utilized and students were given readers or computers with memory sticks, loaded with their books on them, this would save untold millions of dollars, even billions! The costs of printing books, as well as the number of trees used to print books, have a major impact to our economy and our environment. Also, as a parent of seven children (His, Mine and Ours), I have seen our children trudge to school with a back breaking number of books. The books weigh more than my children! I believe providing virtual books for school children would not only help them become familiar with computers and the use of the internet, but it would help them health wise, and at the same time, it would save millions (maybe even billions) of taxpayer dollars and save the trees and our environment!



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