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Our waste is trucked out of here twice weekly by W.S.I. They estimate that approximately three (3) tons of each load is food waste (slop) from Food Service. W.S.I. charges $52 per ton to dispose of the waste at FCC Coleman USP2. Just for USP2, I estimate that $16,224 is spent yearly for this service. Double that amount by adding USP1 and quadrouple that amount (at least) by adding the whole complex. That is an estimated total of $64,896 yearly that is wasted on this service. I suggest that we have a system in place to dump the "slop" in barrels, stage them for five official counts, then donate them to local farmers in exchange for empty, clean barrels. Another idea would be to incorporate this into our current recycling program to create fertilizer to donate or sell. It would seem like there is definitely a better way to deal with this waste and to cut nearly $65000 from FCC Coleman's annual budget and potentially saving the B.O.P. several million dollars annually if implemented Bureau-wide.



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