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We should use $1 coins because they save money, last for decades and are 100% recyclable.

I suggest we replace $1 notes with $1 coins, or at last enforce true 50/50 co-circulation. The enabling law and infrastructure already exist, so it would be easy to implement, but it needs Administration support to help the American people overcome familiar, entrenched behavior. A pilot study in late 2008 showed that when people understood the benefits -- $1 coins are durable and last for decades, they are 100% recyclable, and they save the Nation money -- they readily accepted and used them. A study by GAO indicated that the government could save a minimum of a half billion dollars each year by replacing notes with coins, but even just 50/50 co-circulation of notes and coins would save hundreds of millions of dollars. It is such easy, low-hanging fruit, it is confusing why we don't "just do it." This idea saves money AND has sustainability and environmental benefits as well.



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