Department of Health and Human Services


Stop handing out money. Stop handing out so much welfare/WIC, let them go out and find work and make money for themselves. I have seen way to many of the supposedly people in need, abuse the program and use the system to not work and be lazy. I could qualify for it but I will not let myself be a leach. I believe that if we tighten up the qualifications for welfare we would save money there, it may not be a huge amount but every penny counts. Also why do we treat the criminals so good, TV's, Cable, weight rooms, etc... We should take the ones that are spending life in jail to a seculded island and for food they would have to farm all their food, if they dont they dont eat, that will be there choice. You would need less security, less buidlings, and no cable, no tv. They gave up their rights when they committed the crime that put them their for life. We also could just bring back capital punishment in all states.



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