Corps of Engineers-Civil Works

"Whiten pavements and Parking lots"

Roads Infrastructure life extention: Obligate or facilitate all government agencies to consider adding color lightening materials ( eg white or grey pigments) to roads. IMPACT: MOre nergy visible and thermal will be rejected by the road making the roads less hot, enabling the asphalts to last SEVERAL time longer than black asphalst. A road could last many years longer before it neede to be repaired as the structure will not buckle as easily. Anothe important side benefit is that MUNCIPAL and roal lighting as well as parking lot lighting could be reduced because more visible light would be reflected from the ground..Wattage of road lamps could be reduced significantly. Also, the "het island " effect would be redeuced if applied in parking lots expose to the sun..will help in reducin adjacent buidlings energy cost (if they are properly insulated).



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