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Wiki platform for number-crunchers in government

Federal government workers are often not permitted to use web tools that are hosted on non-government web sites, so for example it is administratively hard (though not technically hard) to create a collaborative wikpedia-like glossary of terms used within and across government agencies for the benefits of their new employees. Proposal: create a computer platform for economists, statisticians, and other white collar workers across the U.S. government with standard wikis and search engines that search across all of them. Allow these workers to store and share information on wiki pages, and allow them to participate in the continuing development and expansion of the platform tools (at least those made from open source). Here is a presentation file of this proposal: https://statipedia.org/wiki/images/f/fb/Statipedia_proposal_Nov2009_FCSM.pdf Here is a conference paper with more specifics: https://statipedia.org/wiki/images/8/81/Statipedia_Meyer_Buszuwski_FCSM_Jan2010.pdf Such a platform will enable more efficient discovery of methods between government institutions. Analogously to the intelligence agencies' Intellipedia platform, and the Diplopedia across the foreign-affairs agencies, it can enable smarter response by government institutions to systemic risks. It allows the government worker to have a larger-scale impact by contributing to widely-used tools and source materials. It will save money by allowing good ideas and implementations to be copied from one agency to another efficiently. It will also save money by reducing some of the implementations of such systems across agencies. I pose this to the EPA because other agencies are not set up to offer standard wikis on an extranet. We must depend on the EPA to lead us now.



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