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Work Smarter. Reduce Redundant Programs between Agencies

Work Smarter. Reduce Redundant Programs between Agencies that are duplicating efforts. Reward Collaboration by applying a percentage of the cost savings back to sharing some inter-agency funding and centralizing resources.

For example, why does a small agency have to spend as much time, effort & funding on organizing a Safety Program as the larger agencies? All the rules & laws apply to everyone. Why can't there be one clearing house (web-site) for all Govt Safety Programs? While there are some site specific items that need to be addressed, locations phone numbers & reporting... Most of it is boilerplate policy and could be hosted by one agency or website for all government. The hosting agency would need to support and help other safety programs get organized, enter their specific variables in the databases & keep it all online. Surely by now, everyone has an MDS hazmat sheet for WD-40 and Window Cleaner? Why are we duplicating this inventory in paper binders across hundreds of sites?


The same could be said for our Security Programs, much of it is redundant boilerplate policy. Smaller agencies need help with compliance, if they are expected to meet the same requirements as agencies with larger budgets. Much of the work on developing and maintaining these programs could be centralized. Then, there might be more room for improvements via cross-pollination, sharing experiences and training.


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin



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