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eliminate daylight savings time

When do we "save" daylight? In the summer, when it is already light longer. Why so we "save" daylight? The old myth is for farmers to work later. Myth or not, farmers work the hours necessary to get the job done, using artificial light if need be. Nevertheless, we spend untold amounts of hours each year correcting our clocks or our computers, or upgrading computers with the "new" daylight savings, or buying clocks that automatically update daylight savings time, or heckling those folks who get to work an hour early or late because they failed to change their clocks.


Daylight savings is a small, but costly, black hole, that serve NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. It annoys people twice every year, and the only positive thing to come if it is as a reminder for people to check the batteries in their smoke detectors. We would be better off without daylight savings time.



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