Executive Office of the President

the real change for Mr. President

Dear Mr. President of the United States of America.


* First allow me to express how much I admire you and your hard work to save the country , and how much I love you , and the way you connect with your nation and the world.


* I suggest assigning high knowledge people to study the Islam financial system.This system is a perfect system that is waiting for the perfect staff to excute it and bring it life to the world. Islamic Economic system is rewarding system that I hope you give it a glance of eye.


I believe there are wide thinking Econ/Financial staff that can give a really rich researches on this field.

I myself is not Econmic graduate, but I felt I have to say what I wanted to say since the start of the Economic crisi, specially after January 2009.


I am suggesting this not as to solve the current issue , I want a permanent solution and everybody happiness.


I will be happy to be part of this any time.


Sincerely yours,



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