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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

In-source desktop computer infrastructure.

NASA should manage its own desktop information technology infrastructure - which is presently outsourced to several different contractors. The current system is inefficient, slow, and expensive. By replacing the layers of outsourcing contractors with a single, unified IT authority at each NASA center, the process could be made more effective.


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General Services Administration

Scheduling two Shifts of White Collar Workers per Day Instead of One to Cut Overhead Costs and Carbon Footprint by 50%

This idea would also help us avoid future oil spills by becoming less dependent on foreign oil .At the end of the Industrial Revolution our government entered the White Collar Era. We have grown up during the Information Age which morphed into the Digital Age that we are in right now. We seemed to have forgotten the basic concept that made the Industrial Revolution one of the most important events in human history. "Interchangeable... more »


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Legislative Branch

Cheaper Contracts

It is well known that our beloved government overpays for products and services. The select few companies that benefit from this practice can set their prices this high because of the strict bidding process.

I suggest that we lift the restriction on contracts so that we can buy products and services from countries like China and India. The private sector has been saving billions of dollars this way while their customers... more »


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