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Legislative Branch

Streamline purchases of premium content

Federal libraries negotiate through the Library of Congress for bulk purchases to databases and subscription services.

While working at an executive agency, one vendor showed me that our agency was purchasing the same content from 14 additional people not working in the library. While our library was paying $50,000 a year for this content, the 14 other people were also paying for that same content.

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General Services Administration

Relocate Offices and Staffs to reduce costs

Most government services can be performed in any location. Centralize those government offices that that do not have to be located in high cost areas (especially those currently located in CA, DC and NY) where possible to a duty location with much lower locality pay, building lease fees, etc.) such as in Albuquerque New Mexico. This will result in a huge reduction of annual lease building costs, locality pay.


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Office of Personnel Management

Centralized Contractor Background Investigations

Contractor employee investigations should be centralized for all Federal agencies. Potential contractor employees should be able to be "pre-screened" so that only a fingerprint check (and any local agency checks, such as the IRS's tax check) needs to be performed once the contractor is assigned to a contract, thus reducing ramp-up time.


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