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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Printing Front and Back for Drafts

Teach everyone how to print front and back on all printers in use.
Set printers to print automatically in duplex mode with draft ink setting for copies of working drafts
Make this printing preference standard for all print jobs.
Reason 1: too many copies of too many documents in working draft stage are printed on front side only because it takes some thought and effort to set up duplex printing for each job.
Reason 2:... more »


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Judicial Branch

Paperless Law Library

I know this sounds pretty pie-in-the-sky, but think of all the benefits if all government legal libraries were converted from paper to digital. Each attorney could be given a e-reader device, allowing them to have a totally portable, up-to-the-minute law library at their fingertips. It is also my understanding that these devices allow for tabbing, highlighting, and the addition of notes -- just like using a hard-copy... more »


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Department of Veterans Affairs

Incentive for travel thriftiness

Currently, I know of no requirement or incentive for employees on travel status to conserve government resources by taking the cheapest form of travel possible once they have arrived at their destination city -- i.e., taking metro to get from the airport to the hotel versus taking a taxi. Giving employees an incentive to conserve government resources -- frequently at somewhat of an inconvenience to them -- would allow... more »


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Department of Defense


I have walked all around Ft. Sam and I have noticed that none of the houses or buildings have solar panels, wind turbines or water conservation systems save one or two. Almost no effort is made to conserve any resources. Food and paper alike are thrown away without a second thought about recycling to the commonly heard phrase, "I didn't pay for it".


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Department of Justice


A Government wide educational program that brings energy awareness and conservation to each individual government worker and shows that individual what a difference they can make. We, the United States federal government need to lead by example. By putting forth the effort to educate and bring awareness to all federal workers, that each one of us makes a difference, we will be taking the steps to be greener and will not... more »


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