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Department of Defense

Consolidation of Library Subscriptions

Consolidate subscriptions for journals and databases still providing the access customers need to perform their jobs. This should be investigated across the federal government including DOD and national libraries. Excellent customer services from the vendors is essential as well as excellent IT support from with the federal government.


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Legislative Branch

Streamline purchases of premium content

Federal libraries negotiate through the Library of Congress for bulk purchases to databases and subscription services.

While working at an executive agency, one vendor showed me that our agency was purchasing the same content from 14 additional people not working in the library. While our library was paying $50,000 a year for this content, the 14 other people were also paying for that same content.

Multiple this by... more »


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Department of Commerce

Department-wide Cataloging & Price Negotiation for Subscription Services

I suggest a catalog of information and data subscriptions (e.g., newspaper subscriptions, subscription-based research and analysis services, etc.) used by agencies be compiled, to be used to eliminate overlap and to negotiate discounted group pricing for subscription-based assets. Rather than having individual offices negotiate subscriptions to newspapers and data sources, the government could potentially save hundreds... more »


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